News: Code Geass R2 - Not Exactly as Planned?

For those watching and are caught up to latest episode of Code Geass R2, there's a little bit of news that might interest you. Found within the link below in an article posted on "Code Trainwreck", it details Goro Taniguchi's lament towards this season of CG, being forced to do last-minute rewrites after the series was moved to a different, more family-friendly timeslot:

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"Taniguchi planned the season 1 ending with the firm belief that he could jump right back into the story 6 months later and tell the story to the same audience, so when he was informed of the new timeslot, Taniguchi was completely crushed. He was asked to write a short message to his fans for the special screening pamphlet back then, and apparently all he wanted to write was a letter of apology, which wasn’t allowed. Neither was he allowed to explain the situation to the fans, which is understandable from a Sunrise exec point of view, but not quite fair towards Taniguchi, IMO. When his colleagues reported back from the special screening (which Taniguchi did not attend) and spoke of the audience’s “Ehhhhhhhhh!? D:” reaction to the ending, Taniguchi’s reply was: “You think I don’t know that!? Don’t make it sound like it’s something to be happy about, you moron!”. Seems like he was really unhappy about things then..."

Many thanks to Celiss Galvea for bringing this to light, and after reading it, I only can wonder how R2 would nave turned out if it was the story Taniguchi initially intended. I can still say that I've had great time watching the series so far, but when you learn that the "Word of God" had something better in store for us, a part of you can't help but believe that we were robbed of that somehow.

BTW, Code Trainwreck followed this article up with a great companion piece, detailing how badly a last-minute timeslot change can seriously botch the production of your anime series. After hearing what happened to Geass, I can only hope that production staff 00 didn't suffer the same agonizing experience due to the new airtime.

I'd hate to see one of the best Gundam series to come around in a long time to suddenly become neutered.

Soul Bro Ryu

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